Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jama Masjid ebadat


omar said...

Very impressing pictures. Would like to be there. I mostly love the captures of people.

Gérald said...

Thanks for your post on my photoblog, i like your works too, very high quality and creativity. Really nice. ;-)

Vitor Lopes said...

Thanks for the comment.
But my photos are far from the quality of your photos.

Franco Erre said...

thank you very much for your attention...and what can i say about your work here..nothing,no words!just emotional!

Debbie said...

Lovely photos. I've been wanting to visit India and looking at your photos, I wish I were there NOW.

A N E E S H said...

i jst loved the second photograph. cnt take eyes from it. nice compo.

jelb said...

Nice serie..Well done compositions and exposures..beautiful brightness ,colors..Bravo!

Kavita said...

Lovely series. You've given me an idea when I'll visit India for the first time next year:p

John Maslowski said...

A superb series of images. Each composition is unique and impressive. You have a great ability to capture the mood and atmosphere of street scenes. Excellent work!

Steph! said...

Thank you for your visit and tour comment. Your photos are very nice too !
I've linked my photoblog to yours. Soory, my english is quite bad. Je me suis permis de mettre un lien de mon site vers le tien en prenant le visuel de ta home. Si ça poser un problème, pas de souci, je le supprime sur simple demande !
Cest sur cette page là :

lasiate said...

quel bonheur de se balader dans ton Inde! Couleurs sujets tout me donne à rêver

Steph! said...

Thanks again for your comment on my Blogger's weblog... I forgot it exists... You'll find my real blog at
And my photoblog at

Sorry for my english... Too bad !

jess said...

The shadows in this series are inspiring. Thank you for your comments and vote.

Anonymous said...

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emillamola said...

This series is phenomenal.
Every day I like your work.
Soon I will travel to India. I hope to capture good images.

Nalin Harsha said...

Great set of photos. Like the one with the boy next to the door. fantabulous work.

Anonymous said...
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